Hailing all the way from Malaysia, Nasty Juice has been making a frenzy in the United States and the United Kingdom. While many reviewers would tell you these bottles are packed with flavorful vape liquids, its attractive packaging will already tell you this brand came in prepared to compete against industry giants.

All Nasty Juice e-liquid bottles have colorful and artistic designs. While we want something that will please our sight, our taste buds hold the verdict.

So, will Nasty Juice e-liquids go beyond its beauty and impress our senses? Let us check out below.

Since Nasty Juice has plenty of flavors to choose from. Here are our top three picks.

Wicked Hazed

“Blackcurrant e-liquid is incredibly popular overseas, but only a few juices with blackcurrant notes have made it to the United States. Wicked Haze by Nasty Juice is one of them. This tasty e-liquid combines blackcurrant with nice tart lemonade.”

This is a one-of-a-kind e-juice and is unique in every way. On the inhale, you get the sweet, tart, and slightly floral taste of blackcurrant. We are not quite certain how to describe the vaping experience though. It feels like blackcurrant is a hybrid fruit that contains the flavor of passion fruit, apricots, raspberries, and blackberries. But despite its complexity, one thing is simple to grasp: this is tasty.

But just when you thought all is over, notes of lemonade appear on the background. For a lemon lover like me, of course, this is delightful. Did we mention this e-juice contains menthol too? The mentholated hit is slightly harder than we expected, but it makes mellows the notes of blackcurrant  flavor.

A$ap Grape

“A$AP Grape by Nasty Juice is a black grape combined with ripe berry and other fruits alike produces this delicious grape juice. The bitter exhale taste of grape is topped with the taste of berry to create a taste that you will never get bored of. You won’t get the burning taste like you always get from other grape juice in the market. Don’t believe it? Try it!”

This e-juice allows you to experience the natural and authentic taste of black grape mixed with berries and other fruits. It initially offers a slightly sour inhale and then sweet notes burst through. The tail end brings another story as this e-juice finishes with a light menthol taste that lingers in the throat.

Trust me, you would want to stock up on this vape juice as this is something you would crave for. I was not a big fan of grape vape liquids until I tasted this.

Nasty E-juice actually has a whole lot of other e-juices to offer, with unique names that are hard to forget like Trap Queen, Fat Boy, Devil Teeth, and Gambino. Since the first two went above and beyond our expectations, we are excited to explore the rest of them. So far, the first two flavors we have tasted are unparalleled, especially the blackcurrant.

What do I have to say? Nasty E-juice is pretty much an expert in combining fruits and menthol together. Not a lot of people love mentholated vape liquids, but this lineup is something worth considering.

The vape liquids from this brand have full-bodied flavors, and I highly recommend all of them. The variety of its e-juices will appeal to different tastes.

As for the vapor production, rest assured that these e-liquids are crafted for the cloud chasers too. With vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 70/30, you are sure to enjoy huge clouds of vapor that do not disperse right away.

Nasty E-juices are available in 60mL bottles and comes with three nicotine concentration levels – 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg of nicotine. At only $19.90 per bottle, you can get a bottle of any Nasty E-Juice e-liquid at