Increasingly, more people are turning vaping in a bid to quit smoking and as a recreational activity. It is safe to say that despite the regulatory restraints, vaping is on the rise. There is a wide range of e-liquid flavors on the market to choose from.

E-liquids come with varying nicotine strength levels. There are even e-juice blends that do not contain any nicotine. The nicotine level in your e-juice will determine the intensity of the throat hit that you will get. Most ex-smokers want to experience the same kind of throat hit that they get from smoking cigarettes and cigars when vaping. Nicotine-free e-liquids will not give you any throat hit.

Why Prefer Nicotine Free E-Liquid

There are several reasons why some vapers prefer a no nicotine vape. As indicated above, many people use vaping as a means to quit smoking. Some switch to vaping not only because it is a better alternative but also to shake off their dependence on nicotine.

Nicotine is a substance found in tobacco. This stimulant has mood-altering effects including the feeling of relaxation and sharpness.

Some vapers opt for zero nicotine e-liquids because they are flavor chasers or cloud chasers. Although nicotine is flavorless, it affects the flavor of e-liquids. As a result, flavor chasers often go for e-liquids that do not contain nicotine. Meanwhile, some cloud chasers go for e-liquids that do not contain nicotine because it allows them to take deep lung hits without any sharp sensation in the throat.

People who vape  as a way of socializing may also prefer e-liquids that do not contain nicotine. Novice vapers who are not ex-smokers may also start with zero nicotine e-liquids since they do not have any experience with the substance. Starting with e-liquids that do not contain nicotine allows you to gradually get acquainted with vaping without dealing with the unusal throat hit.

E-liquids Without Nicotine

Most e-juice manufacturers provide a variety of nicotine options including zero nicotine blends. Companies like allow you to select your preferred nicotine level for every e-liquid in their collection.

Options for Vaping Without Nicotine

There are no special devices for enjoying vape juice no nicotine. You can use the same devices that are used to vape e-juice blends that contain nicotine.

  • Box mods – This type of devices are recommended for vapers who want to enjoy high wattage vaping. When using a box mod setup, you have to purchase your own vape juice. You can choose an e-liquid with zero nicotine.
  • E-cigars – This is a classic option for people who are switching from smoking to vaping. E-cigars come with different flavor options and nicotine strength levels.
  • E-cigarettes – This type of vaporizers are recommended for ex-smokers because they have the look and feel of cigarettes. Most e-cigarettes work with pre-made pods. You can choose the nicotine level of the e-juice in your mod.


E-liquids that do not contain nicotine will give you the same great vaping experience. You will be able to indulge more in the flavor of your e-juice and perform cloud tricks without any throat harshness.

There is no rule concerning the type of e-liquid to choose. Whether you go for an e-juice that contains nicotine or a nicotine-free blend is entirely up to you. 

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