You will find a wide variety of CBD oil products available on the market. There has been an unprecedented interest in CBD oil as more people discover its potential benefits. For instance, it has been found to be useful for dealing with chronic pain and arthritis. It is also said to improve sleep and skin conditions.

Researchers from the New York University School of Medicine recently found out that CBD can lead to a drop seizures by more than 40 percent versus placebo. Meanwhile, an FDA committee is also reportedly beginning to recommend CBD medication prescription against epilepsy.

The increasing demand for CBD has resulted in so many products that it is difficult to identify the ones with the best quality. If you are a total newbie, picking the best ones can be confusing. But don’t worry, this is where I come in.

There is a pool of inferior CBD products in the market. I understand if you are wary of some brands. CBDfx is one of the few brands that you can trust. The company is known for its high-quality products. CBDfx produces different CBD products including topical creams, edibles, waxes, and oils.

Today, I am going to review CBDfx’s CBD Oil.

Although this company offers a wide selection of CBD products, it is interesting to note that most people still go for the CBD oil. Honestly, it is not as easy to use and tasty as CBD capsules or gummy bears, but it is more affordable and effective.

CBDfx’s CBD oil is sourced from hemp plants that are grown organically in Europe. The plant is a rich source of cannabinoids, terpenes, essential minerals, and fatty acids. Once the plants are harvested, they are imported into the United States.

CBDfx extracts CBD oil from the hemp plant using the CO2 method. This process ensures that the product maintains its high purity. The oil comes with a clear gold color.

There are four potencies available for CBD oil.

  • CBDfx 60mg – A 10-mL bottle of this CBD vape oil contains 60mg of cannabidiol or a 0.6% concentration. A single bottle is available for $19.99, a trio pack for $99.99, and a four pack for $159.99.
  • CBDfx 120mg – A 10-mL bottle of this CBD vape oil contains 120mg of cannabidiol or a 1.2% concentration. A single bottle costs $34.99, a trio pack for $99.99, and a four pack for $159.99.
  • CBDfx 300mg – A 10-mL bottle of this CBD vape oil contains 300mg of cannabidiol or a 3% concentration. You can purchase a single bottle for $59.99, a trio pack for $99.99, or a four pack for $159.99.
  • CBDfx 500mg – A 10mL bottle of this CBD vape oil contains 500mg of cannabidiol, so it has a 5% concentration. A single 10mL bottle costs $74.99, and a 4-bottle pack costs $159.99.

All these products are up for grabs at I would like to emphasize how great the company’s customer support service is. And if you are not satisfied with their products, you can return them within 30 days and get a refund. How’s that for a deal?

By the way, this oil can be vaped or used as a tincture. They all contain vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. In case you want to vape it, simply mix it with an e-juice.  If you are using it as a tincture, limit your use to one full dropper per day. And if you intend to swallow it, hold a few drops of oil under your tongue first for a minute before swallowing it.

If you are wondering how this oil taste is like? The liquid has that leafy, tea-like flavor. The taste is lighter compared with other brands. It is quite tart, so I doubt if you will enjoy taking it solo. I suggest you pair it with other e-liquids instead. This oil blends well with dessert or fruity e-juices. And the smell? It has a distinct earthy and sharp smell.