Captain Cannoli Ejuice, manufactured by Streamline Vape Co., Bam’s Cannoli is a French-style dessert flavored ejuice that comes equipped with just about everything any vaper would need to constantly satisfy their cravings. If you have ever wondered what it’ll be like to vape some of your favorite desserts, this ejuice blend gives you the feeling of vaping a mixture of creamy and crunchy delights that will send your taste buds on a one-way cruise to vaping satisfaction. 

Since before 2015, Streamline Vape Co. Bam’s Cannoli ejuice has been of the most popular dessert brands thanks to the success of many of their ejuice flavors.Captain Cannoli Ejuice by Bam's Cannoli Review

Flavor Profile

This Bam Bam’s Cannoli ejuice is a mixture of vanilla cannoli cream that is rolled in crunchy cereal bits, and a fried shell to create an accurate tasting ejuice flavor.

When you inhale, your tongue is graced with the smooth and sweet vanilla cream flavor that fills up your mouth with its delectable cannoli essence. When you exhale, the decadent flavor of the crunchy cereal bits comes into compliment the vanilla flavor, ultimately leading to a flavor that is arguably one of the best dessert flavored ejuices in the market. 

The taste and aroma of the Captain Cannoli ejuice are reminiscent of the original Captain Crunch ejuice, just that this version adds the crunchy corn and oat cereal with the fruity pebble cannoli that is combined with a unique lime fill and whipped cream. 

One of the best parts of this ejuice is that the flavor does not diminish, this just means that from the top to the end, the ejuice is constant.

Nicotine Concentration

Captain Cannoli ejuice is available in varying nicotine strengths depending on how you prefer to consume nicotine. The ejuice is made with high-quality freebase nicotine. If you prefer to enjoy the rich dessert flavored ejuice without as much as a trace of nicotine, you can select a bottle with 0mg of nicotine. On the other hand, if you prefer to enjoy a good mixture of flavor and intense throat hits, you can either choose from a 3mg and 6mg bottle. With a 6mg bottle, the throat hit is incredibly smooth and satisfying yet filled with flavor from the inhale to exhale. Captain Cannoli Ejuice by Bam's Cannoli Review

Thanks to their high-quality nicotine content, you get to enjoy the full flavor profile without coughing or experiencing any harshness or itchiness in your throat.

VG/PG Ratio

In the formulation of the Captain Cannoli ejuice, Bam’s Cannoli makes use of an 80 percent VG and 20 percent PG ratio. In most cases, this is a ratio that a lot of vapers have never tried out. It is quite similar to the popular 70/30VG/PG ratio, only that this one produces even more vapor to satisfy cloud chasing vapers. While you still get to enjoy rich flavor production. The vapor production is one factor that will stand out for you while you vape.


When you buy this tasty Captain Cannoli ejuice, you get a whopping 100ml bottle that will keep you vaping for a long time before you need to restock. The bottle itself comes with a childproof cap that makes sure that you do not spill your ejuice when you try to refill your ejuice vape tank. 

Captain Cannoli is one premium ejuice flavor that you do not have to break the ban to get. You can get this Bam Bams Cannoli e juice for just $19.99, which is incredibly cheap for a 100ml bottle of high-quality ejuice. Visit this online store for more e-liquids from this popular 100ml vape juice line, and others.


You might want to let it steep for an even longer time to enjoy better tasting flavor and vapor while you vape. Pair this ejuice up with one of your favorite vape devices and enjoy a cloudy sensation of desserts that will send you on a cruise you would no want to return from.