I have tried several apple vape juices, but by far, Apple by Reds Apple E-Juice is one of the best. No wonder 7 Daze is one of the most highly respected vape liquid makers in the industry.

The California-based e-liquid maker has earned a name for crafting some of the tastiest vape liquids around. It never fails to deliver authentic e-liquids, and that is why I want to share this with you.

The packaging design of Apple by Reds Apple E-Juice looks simple yet classy… its screams red apple juice without a doubt. From the box to the label on the bottle, everything a vaper will probably need is displayed. It contains indications of its nicotine level, bottle size, brand name, appropriate warnings, relevant dates, the manufacturer’s details, and more.

As for the flavor, this Apple e-juice has an incredible taste you won’t likely forget about soon. You may think I am exaggerating things, but this Reds Apple E-juice tastes like the real deal. The first time I took a puff of it, I felt like I was vaping a real apple juice fresh from the fridge.

One thing I love about apples is the unique flavor it has. That crispness and a fresh feeling are present in this vape liquid, even though this does not contain any menthol.

This vape liquid can deliver a smooth feel with a really nice consistency. 7 Daze did an excellent job crafting this vape liquid. The guys behind this brand perfectly recreated the normal apple taste that we are all familiar with. It is pretty amazing, and I am glad they managed to pull it off.

I fell in love with Apple by Reds Apple. Take the words of someone who is very picky about vape juice flavors. Kudos to 7 Daze for crafting this.

Much like any vape juices on the market, the vapor production of Reds Apple highly depends on the setup you are using. The airflow and VG/PG ratio of the vaping liquid also matter.

This vape liquid is a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol, so you can expect nice vapor production using a good setup. Cloud chasers will be delighted with this blend.

Apple by Reds Apple E-Juice comes with three different nicotine strength levels. It is available with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. I went for my usual 3mg level.

The throat hit it provides is smooth. It is just enough to let you know that it is there. But if you pick the 0mg level, that’s pure apple juice you will be tasting with no throat hit.

Want to give this baby a shot? A 60mL bottle of Apple by Reds Apple E-Juice is up for grabs at for as low as $18.99 only.

Now, who says you can’t reminisce about your favorite boxed apple juice anytime? Let Apple by Reds Apple E-Juice do its magic. The crisp and sweet flavor of red apple juice is guaranteed.

Not in the mood for a red apple e-liquid? There are other e-liquids in the Reds Apple E-Juice series. There is a mentholated version of this e-juice as well as Berries Apple, Grape Apple, and Watermelon Apple. By the way, there are mentholated versions of all the e-liquids in this series.

Overall, if I have to choose an apple e-juice that I have to vape for life, I would give that honor to Apple by Reds Apple E-Juice.

There are plenty of apple e-juices on the market, but this one really stands out. You will find other reviewer raving about this e-liquid.

I am giving this e-liquid a score of 10/10. It has a great taste, excellent vapor production, smooth throat hit, and an affordable price. This is an e-juice for every vaper. I mean, who doesn’t like apples.