From an e-cig to vape devices, everyone is looking for a simple way to quit smoking. Do you want to give up smoking? Do you think you can have a better life without a cigarette in your hand? In truth, millions want to give up smoking and it’s easy to see why that is as it’s not really good for your health. However, saying you want to quit is very much different from actually quitting! There are a few tips you might want to consider in order to help kick-start your quitting regime.

You Need an Alternative to Help You Kick the Habit

Sometimes, you need to replace some of your bad smoking habits with something else. That doesn’t mean to say you should drink alcohol instead or stuff your face full of chocolate but rather find another task to distract you from smoking. It could be listening to relaxing music when you have a craving or drinking a pint of water or just jotting down some notes! You could even use an e-cig to help reduce how much you’re smoking too.

What’s Your Reason for Quitting?

Do you have a reason for quitting? If there is no reason to quit, you will more than likely go back to smoking. You have to think about why you want to quit because if you have a good enough reason you’ll quit for good! Having a reason can be very useful and it can be a way to really kick-start your health regime too. It doesn’t matter if you want to use an e-cig; you still need a reason to quit. If there’s no reason, there’s no determination for you to quit.

Create Small Goals to Earn Rewards

Why not set yourself a target or goal? When you are able to set a target, you can work towards something and that really makes all the difference in the world! You can slowly work to reducing how many times in a day you smoke and at the end of say a month; you can reward yourself with a little treat. It can all be worthwhile and, in reality, it will help you give up smoking entirely. It doesn’t matter if you’re using an e-cig or not you still have to set goals.

Reduce Your Intake Slowly

You have to think about how many cigarettes you smoke each day and try to reduce that overall number. Even if it means removing one cigarette from your day each week, then that’s great! You are making positive progress to giving up and even if it’s just reducing by one, it’s all useful. That’s why more people use an e-cig when quitting as they can replace the cigarette with the e-cigs. It can be something worth considering also.

You Need to Have a Decent Night’s Rest

There is nothing more than trying to give up something when you have had a terrible night’s sleep. When you are tired and cranky, you are going to be more likely to fall back into your bad habits and it’s not ideal! You need to try and get a very good or decent night’s sleep so that you aren’t tempted to smoke. It doesn’t matter if you are using an e-cig as an alternative or going cold turkey, you are going to find a bad night’s rest makes you more likely to crave what it shouldn’t have!

Get Support from Friends and Family

Smoking does require a lot from you and when you are giving up, you need to be strong and determined every step of the way. If you can, ask your friends or family members to support you. You are not asking them to give up but just help encourage you to do so. If they see you weakening and going for a cigarette, they should try to dissuade you and look at ways to distract your cravings for a cigarette. Every little help is useful and using an e-cig might be ideal too. Why not ask the people closest to you for support?

Give Up Today

Giving cigarettes the boot is not always easy. You have a lot of hard work to put in and determination and even when you do, there will always be something tempting you back. However, the above tips are hopefully a few useful ways to help you avoid cigarettes and smoking for good. You can give up cigarettes and quit for good. An e-cig might be helpful to you also, don’t dismiss it.