There are two types of e-cig user (all right, so there are stacks more, however for this presentation there are two so bear with me), the cloud chasers and the flavor chasers. The web is packed loaded with guides and videos on the most proficient method to make the biggest mists, yet there isn’t a considerable measure out there covering flavor. The greater part of what I’ve learned about achieving the best flavors from e-liquids has been through experimentation, for the most part, error, so I thought I’d help out those flavor chasers merely beginning with a few indications and tips.

Keep It Clean!

All right so simple for tip one. Keeping your wicks, curls,and tanks clean is a certain requirement on the off chance that you need to get the best flavors from your e-cig. Everyone knows this, yet similarly, as with any cleaning or maintenance, people tend to get somewhat sluggish and don’t generally bother. In case you’re always showing signs of change liquids, then you can’t be expected to change your loop every time except attempt and abstain from blending your flavors excessively.

In case you’re changing from a solid tobacco e-liquid to something subtler, then you’re not going to get the best flavor possible.

Wattage and Temperature

This is likely the simplest to improve your e-cigseason and for me the best time. All liquids are different and finding the correct balance to bring through the flavor correctly can be very enjoyable. For both wattage and temperature begin low and work up progressively until the point when you get the taste to the point you need it.

Pick the Right E-Liquids

E-Liquids are a blend of VG and PG, and the proportions you prefer will largely depend on the type of vaper you are. For huge mists, VG heavy liquids work best, in case you’re searching for the season then go for liquids with a 50/50 blend or above. VG and PG are the base elements of an e-cig; they convey the nicotine and flavors into vapor when the liquid is heated. PG is a vastly improved carrier than VG which is the reason if you need a liquid packed brimming with enhance a decent proportion of PG is essential.

Experiment with Airflow

If you read a guide on creating huge mists, they will tell you are opening your wind stream however much as could be expected very imperative. The more air you have experiencing your curl, the less dense the e-liquid becomes. A less dense liquid produces bigger mists. The downside to increasing the wind current is a reduction in season.

Your Atomizer Is Important

Having the correct atomizer has a significant impact in amplifying flavors in your favorite e-cig. Likewise, with the majority of these tips, personal preference has a majoreffect, yet if you take after some general rules, you won’t go far off-base. Check here.


Base loop atomizers are essential as they don’t require the wick to suck up the e-liquid to the curl as their best loop counterparts do. It’s likewise necessary to check if your tank can run sub-ohm curls, by this, we mean anything below one ohm. This has a significant influence in enhancing both vapor creation and the flavors you can achieve.

If you take one point far from this post then ‘Don’t be reluctant to experiment’ would be it. Everyone has different preferences in season and attempting different wattage, temperature and wind stream settings can make tremendous differences in your vaping flavor experience.